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Replace Your Faulty Flooring System

Hire us for industrial flooring installation services

If your facility's floors are in bad shape, your operation could experience costly downtime. Don't let faded safety signs and damaged expansion joints slow down business. Turn to Dean Baughman Industrial Services for top-notch flooring solutions. Our crew can install and replace all kinds of flooring systems to accommodate the needs and budget of any person who seeks our help.

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There's nothing we can't do for your floors

There's nothing we can't do for your floors

When you need an industrial flooring contractor with a solid track record of success, look no further than Dean Baughman Industrial Services. Below are just a few ways we can upgrade your facility's flooring.

We can...

  • Apply epoxy mortars
  • Apply non-skid systems
  • Install self-leveling systems
  • Install decorative quartz flooring
  • Install USDA-compliant flooring systems
  • Polish your old and faded flooring
  • Repair and patch damaged flooring
  • Lay floor marking systems for safety protocols

If you're looking to improve the safety and functionality of your industrial facility, don't hesitate to reach out to Dean Baughman Industrial Services for professional flooring services.