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Keep Your Workplace Safe and Sanitary

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Having a clean work environment is essential for keeping your employees safe and maintaining smooth business operations. Dean Baughman Industrial Services will work around your schedule to provide dependable industrial cleaning services. You can rely on us to remove all kinds of harmful materials from your workplace, including flammable dust, byproducts and grease.

With our help, you can work hard without having to worry about unsafe working conditions slowing you down. Give us a call to arrange for industrial cleaning services.

Find a cleaning service that works for you

Find a cleaning service that works for you

When you need an industrial cleaner, there's no place better to turn than the talented team at Dean Baughman Industrial Services.

Clients rely on us for:

  • Air purification services
  • Flammable dust removal
  • Byproduct and slug removal
  • Dust, grease and wax removal
  • Explosion-proof cleaning
  • Machine and equipment cleaning

We'd be glad to discuss your cleaning needs to create a plan that fits your budget and your schedule. Contact us today to speak with an industrial cleaner.